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  • Barley Grass Powder
  • Wheat Grass Powder
  • Alfalfa Leaf Powder

Why You Should Choose NutriGreen Powders

Nutrigreen 100% Organic Powders
  • Australian Grown
  • 100% Certified Organic (NASAA Cert. No 3792P)
  • Certified Halal
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Mildly Alkaline to Balance Your pH Levels
  • Quick & Easy Supply of Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • Rich Source of Antioxidants
  • High in Fibre, Protein, Iron & Calcium
  • Aids Digestion
  • 100% Natural Super Food
  • There’s more about our Powders right here!

100% Australian Grown & Produced?

Nutrigreen is the only commercial producer and manufacturer of field grown certified organic Barley Grass, Wheat Grass & Alfalfa powders in Australia! Nutrigreen products are grown on our own NASAA organically certified farm and then processed in our own NASAA certified factory. This not only means that we have total control over all of our processes but it also gives you the confidence to know that you are getting a quality product produced right here in Australia.

Purchasing your Barley Grass, Wheat Grass or Alfalfa powder from Nutrigreen or one of their distributors ensures you are not only purchasing an Australian quality grown and produced product, but you are also supporting an 100% Australian owned and operated company therefore keeping jobs and any profit right here in Australia.

At Nutrigreen Australia we pride ourselves on our ability to produce outstanding quality World class cereal leaf powders, and we invite you to experience first hand the health benefits that they contain.          


The Mighty Murray River at Swan Hill, Victoria - Proud Home to Nutrigreen Australia.


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We Are Proudly

  • NASSA Certified Organic - IFOAM Accredited
  • JAS - Japanese Agricultural Standards
  • Australian Made and Owned
  • Halal Certification Authority - Australia


After having two major operations within 3 years to have part of my bowel removed, the future did not look bright. A friend, whom I played squash with, gave me 2 tubs of Barley Leaf Powder to try. I didn’t believe in this type of medicine, so they sat in the cupboard for six months. We were moving to Queensland from Victoria, so a decision had to be made, throw them out or use them. Luckily, I decided to try them. I had to have a colonostrophy, every 12 months and as I had just started on this product, there were small pollyps removed. I continued with Barley Powder and one year later at the next colonstrophy, I had no pollyps. I am now having my check ups every 2 years and never any problems, no pollyps, whatsoever. I am certain this product has saved me more major operations, maybe my life. Thank you, I owe you. Regards,

L. Ritchie

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