Wheat Grass Tablets

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Wheat Grass Tablets

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Weight for weight, Nutrigreen Wheat Grass has five times the vitamin C of oranges, twice the calcium of milk, five times more iron than spinach and double the fibre of bran!



91.5% Australian Grown Wheat Grass Powder, with natural tableting aids (Wheat Starch, Micro Crystalline Cellulose, Silicone Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate), No chemicals, animal products used.

* Please note because of a small portion of wheat starch added this product is not gluten free.

(Each tablet approximately 500mg)

Typical Nutritional Analysis

Energy: 1150kj/100g
Protein: 27.6g/100g
Carbohydrates: 9.4g/100g
Sugars: 3.5mg/100g
Sodium: 360mg/100g
Potassium: 2000mg/100g
Dietary Fibre: 42.3g/100g
Chlorophyll: 8.9g/kg
Carotenes: 330mg