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  • Wheat Grass Tablets

    Nutrigreen ready to use tablets are a boost to busy people who care about their diet.

    Wheat Grass Tablets have all the goodness of green vegetables in a convenient and concentrated supplement - a serve of vegetables in a few tablets!

    Price: $16.00

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  • Alfalfa Tablets

    Alfalfa works as a detoxifier, infection fighter and cleanser, and is particularly noted for its diuretic effect, helping to expel retained fluid from the body. It is good for colon disorders and helps detoxify the liver.

    Chinese healers in the 6th Century used Alfalfa to treat kidney stones and to relieve fluid retention and swelling.

    Price: $16.00

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  • Barley Grass Tablets

    Nutrigreen whole Barley Grass tablets are a concentrated Whole Food supplement suitable for all ages.

    Each tablet provides a convenient means of contributing to your daily intake of leafy green vegetables.

    Price: $16.00

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