Our Clients Testimonials

Dear Nutrigreen

For your information my 80 year old fathers' PSA levels have started coming down after taking the NutriGreenz 5 Powder Blend for just 4 months.

The 3 tests prior to the current test had his PSA levels going up.

I believe it to be a truly incredible product.

Ben Wright - QLD

Hi There

I just wanted to say how awesome your Wheat Grass powder and Jojoba Oil is.

I have never had Wheatgrass before so didn’t know what to expect, it only took a couple of days of me to get use to the taste of the “Wheatgrass” shot I was having every morning. I have more energy but the real surprise is I very rarely suffer from menstrual cramps anymore. I used to be curled up in a ball for 24 hours (as I refused to take pain killers) each month and now I barely have any pain at all and if I do it is very mild and doesn’t last very long. I want to try the Barely Grass next to see if that has the same effect, but just gave my tub to my dad who has cancer. I will continue with the Wheatgrass for the time being though.

I also love your Jojoba oil, I had only ever used coconut oil on my skin before and now I use the Jojoba oil daily on my face and it’s amazing, people tell me I am glowing, this could be a combination of both the Wheat Grass & the oil together but hey, as long as my skin feels and looks this good it's fine with me.

Great product.



Michelle Lish

Dear Nutrigreen,

I would like to compliment you on both your products and your service, they are both second to none.   My husband and myself have been using the mixed grass powders for the last 2 months and I have to say it is easier to take, and much better than some of the commercial products on the shelves in supermarkets and healthfood stores.   Sometimes, when in a hurry, a glass of Nutrigreenz  becomes lunch.  It mixes into smoothies with ease.  We love using it and more importantly love the health benefits.  Using Nutrigreen products is one of the quickest and easiest ways of re-alkalising the body I have come across so thank you for your wonderful product.


Carolyn Oxley

“I have been using this product now for over 6 months, after having dumped the previous product that I had been using for over 4 years.  The Nutrigreen product is superior.  Firstly, it’s far more palatable, due to the powder being much finer.  Recently I decided to start taking the Barley Powder three times a day.  It has improved my complexion and I’ve noticed that my sugar levels have stabilised ... I’m not reaching for lollies and chocolates as much!  Therefore, great for the waistline.  On the two occasions that I have rung Nutrigreen and spoken with staff  (initially Ray and today when I placed my order, Pauline), the service provided has been both friendly and very professional.  It’s a joy to receive such great and reliable customer service.  I hope people reading this testimonial will get on board and start taking this very nutritious product.  It will do wonders for your health and state of mind.” 

Maria Kolaitis - Elwood Victoria


Nutri Greenz ticks all the boxes for me. It is a super food packed with all the essential Vitamins and minerals I need. I work in an office with a lot of people and hardly ever catch a cold or feel sick. My naturopaths asked me what do I take because the test revealed my urine was very alkaline. Well I could only say that it must be Nutri Greenz. I mix in my smoothie every day, it gives a lovely green colour and great taste. Another plus it is Australian and Organic. You can’t get better than this.

 Thank you

Barbara, Coburg – Victoria

Barbara Cimino

In 2002 I had my prostate removed due to cancer.  Last year early 2012, a routine blood test had revealed my PSA had risen to 5.7.  It was a bit of a surprise as it had been zero for 10 years.  I was talking to my neighbour about my results and he suggested I should try Barley Grass Powder that he orders fro Nutrigreen. At first I was on Zoladex and combined the Green Barley powder, three months later my blood test had shown my PSA was back to Zero.  So I decided with the Oncologist to cease taking the Zoladex and I have continued taking the Barley grass powder twice daily with my recent PSA blood results have remained at Zero.


Robert Cobb Sunshine Coast, QLD

I have been taking barley green on and off for the last three years but only in the last 12 months have I been taking it on a daily basis .

I suffer with pseudo gout for which there is no regular treatment other than anti inflamitarys when an event occurs, however I have found that by taking Nutrigreen Barley Grass powder daily I don't have any flare ups.

I first became aware of the Nutrigreen Barley Grass powder for this condition when a friend told me to try it, as they have been regular users of the product for the same condition and swore that it would fix my complaint. They were right – it solved my problem within the first week. We had a trip to Vietnam for 4 weeks and I never took the Barley Grass  powder with  me, and on returning home the pseudo gout flared up again . This pattern continued to happen if I ran out of the product and whenever I didn’t take the product on a regular basis .I have been now taking Nutrigreen Barley Grass powder daily for the last 12 months and have been totally clear of this condition.

It certainly has other benefits rather than just a feeling of well being.

Neville Arentz - Managatang, Victoria

I have to tell you a very good news, last year I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, though I put myself on a strict diet and exercise, it did went down to 6.3, but since I started taking this alfalfa tablets, its going down further, my sugar level is back to normal, I am so happy and I was a bit even naughty because I had some chocolate and bread what I could not eat before and my sugar level is not going up... I am over the moon. I will be you client for the rest of my life, and I will tell every of my friend how good this product is. Thank you very much. Kind regards,

K. Nemeth, Reservoir, Victoria

After having two major operations within 3 years to have part of my bowel removed, the future did not look bright. A friend, whom I played squash with, gave me 2 tubs of Barley Leaf Powder to try. I didn’t believe in this type of medicine, so they sat in the cupboard for six months. We were moving to Queensland from Victoria, so a decision had to be made, throw them out or use them. Luckily, I decided to try them. I had to have a colonostrophy, every 12 months and as I had just started on this product, there were small pollyps removed. I continued with Barley Powder and one year later at the next colonstrophy, I had no pollyps. I am now having my check ups every 2 years and never any problems, no pollyps, whatsoever. I am certain this product has saved me more major operations, maybe my life. Thank you, I owe you. Regards,

L. Ritchie

My wife and I have been taking Barley Green Powder mixed with apple juice daily for over 3 years. My cholesterol has improved from over 7 to a now satisfactory level. We take this powder as an antioxidant and believe our overall health and energy levels are stable because of it. Our bodies respond well to it.

G. & N. Lester, Kerang, Victoria

I have been taking barley grass tablets for 3 weeks now and have not had to take Panadol, Nurofen or Mersyndol. I have been told that I have an inner ear problem which causes fluid retention behind the ears which could also be related to menieres disease which I have not been able to control the symptoms with any doctors medications. Since i have been using barley grass the headaches have gradually stopped for the first time in 9 years. I can only hope others hear about this product and try it for themselves."

Robyn Abott, Wallan, Victoria

I have suffered from Cystitis and bladder infections intermittedly for a number of years and have been using a well known brand of urinary alkalizer for relief. My GP suggested that I should try some alfalfa instead on a regular daily basis to reduce the acid level of my urine and drink more water. The results have been outstanding and way beyond expectations. No further problems, also gentle on the tummy with no acid reflux from indigestion either."

I would highly recommend Nutrigreen alfalfa tablets and powder to others with similar problems.

JT, Perth. WA

I was introduced to Nutrigreen Barley Grass Powder with some sceptisism but reluctantly started to use it to relieve pain in my shoulders and hands from arthritis. I have had surgery to clean out arthritic shoulders and have been told by surgeons the next step will be a complete shoulder replacement. After 3 months of taking Nutrigreen Barley Grass Powder I now sleep without a lot of discomfort and the constant pain I once endured has now been relieved to a great extent. I firmly believe this product has wonderful health benefits and in my case has great curative ability.

Ross Chislett, Sunshine Coast, QLD

I have suffered from painful gout for years now and the prescription medication I was taking from my Doctor just didn’t seem to be doing anything, in fact I was still getting a dose of gout around every six weeks whilst on the medication.

My wife was taking the Nutrigreen Barley Grass Powder for another problem and she suggested I try the Alfalfa to see if that helped. I have now been taking Nutrigreen Alfalfa tablets (I have stopped the Doctors medication) for the last 3 months, and I must say I am amazed with the results. I currently take 8 tablets a day and I am free of any of the excruciating pain that is associated with gout.

I am so glad my wife got me onto Nutrigreen and hooray, life without Gout is wonderful.

Colin Abott, Wallan, Victoria

Sometime ago I developed a very painful adhesion due to an operation, which as a result on two occasions I ended up in hospital. I kept on trying different things to overcome the pain, until at last I read in a magazine about Chlorophyll (an amazing green plant substance full of antioxidants)

I started taking Nutrigreen Barley Grass Powder (a teaspoon full in a glass of water every morning before breakfast) and found great improvement in the first month, and never missing a day since. The pain has left my side and I even never suffer from headaches anymore.

What a wonderful relief.

They say "If you are Green on the inside you are Clean inside"

Dorothy Brasser, Swan Hill, Victoria